Podcast: Innovation in a Heartbeat

August 2019



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The human heart is getting an ultra-modern, hi-tech assist to perform its work. Join Dr. Jack Kreindler (physician and health tech entrepreneur), Dr. Andreas Fleischli (Abbott) and host Mike Rugnetta as they discuss the ever-thinning line between humans and machines and the desire to increase not only the length of life but the quality of those added years. They discuss the evolution in medical care from products that are ingested, such as pharmaceuticals, to those implanted, such as heart pumps. Modern technology is building on the success of tools like life-saving pacemakers to develop significantly advanced heart health products such as sophisticated heart pumps that allow for frictionless transfer of blood, reducing cell damage. Learn about the progress being made in cardiac innovations and the process by which remarkable ideas become medical realities.

Click here for the Health Tech Heart Podcast Transcript.

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